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As a Team we Assure you about Security, Performance, Design Quality Which are our Specialties and Core Objectives.

Our Process

Our process involves working closely with the clients and provides consultative and interactive approach for different challenges faced them. This allows developing a close relationship with our clients in order to provide creative ideas that make a difference and are relevant to your particular industry, product, market or personal website. Our goal is not only to help you gain new business, but to help you establish and reinforce a sustainable online presence and branding strategy.

About messisoft

Information Gathering

In the first meeting many things needs to be taken into consideration such as: gathering of the information and establish communication protocols, milestones and timelines, deliverables, scope and expectations. This step is very vital as it involves the decisions and mapping the set of stages for the entire project of the company, its business goals and user needs then the site will be built on these to meet your goals.

  • Competetive Reaserch
  • Color & Style
  • Data & Development Needs


Using the knowledge gained with the above information gathered will help us to determine the requirements of the project, now we will analyze the content, writing style, visual design and interface design of the website to be developed. We will also make sure to really understand your branding by analyzing the past and present marketing material, discussing future marketing strategies and aligning them with your web project.

  • Site map & Navigetion Planning
  • Wire frames & Sketchings
  • Socials media headers


Drawing with the information gathered up to this point, it's to determine the look and feel of your site. Here target audience is one of the key factors taken into consideration, as part of the design phase, it is also important to layer the branding elements such as the company logo or color palettes and typography that give your site its unique strength to achieve your company goals.

  • Visual Design
  • HTML & CSS
  • Meta & Page Struture Enhancement
  • Client side & Server


Development: Now the time has come to get down to the business and build HTML/CSS/JavaScript to the script you have provided us with the content that you'd like to see in your site, you have a few responsibilities during this step of the process while we mix your content and design together and transform them into a superbly functioning website.

  • Cross-Device Testing
  • Cross-Compatability Testing
  • Google Analitics & Sitemap Web Master Tools
  • Final Reviews & Launch


Now your web designer will attend to review and test your website and also inform us if any tweaks or changes you’d like to be made. They test the things such as the complete functionality of forms or other scripts, as well last testing for last minute compatibility issues ( by viewing differences between different web browsers) ensuring that your website is optimized to be viewed properly in the most recent browser versions.


Here at this stage the development of your website is not over, though. It’s just like a living thing that continues to grow and change throughout its lifecycle. One of the ways to bring repeat visitors to your site is to offer new content or products on a regular basis. We will be more than happy to continue working together with you to update the information on your website at a reduced maintenance packaged rates.

We assure you
  • Ontime Delivery
  • Updated Web Technologies and Adapted to Work on New Standards
  • Low Cost Development with High Quality of Work
  • Error Free Development
  • Cross Browser Compatibility
  • Device Compatible Friendly UI
  • Fluid and Responsive Layouts
  • Clean Code, Error Less Build
  • Usability and Accessibility
  • 24/7 Online availability using skype, google, mobile, etc..
  • Unit Testing, Manual Testing and also Selenium Testing
  • Deployment and bug fixing after build release

We design and develop the flow of the website/application in such a way that the end user actually stays on the website.

We provide complete suite of ERP, SaaS, E-Commerce, Web Design, Digital Marketing and Mobile Apps Development Services

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